About Us


Biemme Plastica – sede di Solesione

Biemme Plastics has been proudly operating in recycling and restoring plastic materials, regenerating polyethylene, polypropylene and production of compounds for over 30 years.

Founded in 1982 by Bazza Family, Ornella and Erminio Moreno, evolved from being a personal firm to an investments capitals business in 2012, although keeping it’s traditional touch of family ran business, to its’ second generation today.

A consolidated know-how and the adoption of advanced technology productive systems, allow our company to offer a wide range of products aimed to satisfy numerous market needs.

Our activity is mainly divided into two different sections with equal efforts:

  • Lease production: creating production waste for third parties; in this particual market, our company proudly assists some of the major Italian brands in the pipe, film, printing etc. businesses.
  • Self production: a recognized range of products (polyethylene and polypropylene), mainly finalized fo the industrial film market.
Biemme Plastica, sede di Occhiobello

Biemme Plastica, sede di Occhiobello

With the acquisition of the brand new installation in Occhiobello in Rovigo, Biemme Plastics increased it’s productivity and logistic capacity up to 15,000 TPY potential, with 24/7 full cycle production lines.

Our company’s very first objective is to provide great customer service; to accomplish this we implemented various procedures:

  • An accurate update of our installations’ technologies.
  • A prompt response to any request, even the most specific.
  • Delivery and pick-up service, offered by our own specialized vehicle fleet.
  • Respect of current laws as far as transports, stocking and waste treatment.
  • Our problem-solving attitude grants maximum effort to any production issues that continuosly arise.

Last but not least, our internationally focused activity, with the implementation of a foreign office structured with consequent acquisition of raw materials providers and finished products from northern and central Europe.


Biemme Plastics’ main objective is to work closely with it’s customers to jointly reach prefixed goals.

Professional attitude, constant effort, growing ambitions and continuous investments on human resources and new technologies are an important asset to our company and basis for it’s future development.