We provide a complete regenerating process of Polyethylene in low and high density, of Polypropylene and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and produce compounds upon customers’ request.

  1. PP/PE Regeneration

    Our company offer a complete service of regeneration of PP, PE and TPO More information >

  2. Produzione di compound

    Our success is based on a vision that places the customer at the center of the activity and the aims of the company: due to “measure” allows us to offer products and services tailored to their specific needs, while the amplitude of the solutions and the high operational flexibility allow us to live up to the continuous challenges that come from the market More Information >

  3. Constant Innovation

    We always aim to improve all of our processes to provide customers the very best quality/price ratio possible. More Information >

  4. Social Awareness

    Protecting the environment is of great value for the company that  decided to invest in the production of electricity from renewable sources by installing solar panels More Information >

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